KATHLEEN ELIZABETH GILLARD - Reservation 16745 - Booked On: 09/11/2023 06:20:01pm View Receipt

Pickup Date: 09/17/2023 - Sunday
Pickup Time: 2:55 PM
Phone: +61.41.933.9307
Email: ar7i@flightcentre.com
Passenger: 1
Luggage: 1
Vehicle Type: Sedan
Driver: Tai +1.714.260.3398
Reservation Status: Confirmed

Trip Routing Information:

PU: LAX airport (LAX), World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045

DO: Camelot Inn & Suites, South Harbor Boulevard, Anaheim, CA 92802

Flight Info: BA 281
pax arriving from london

Flat rate: $101.00
Gratuity: $15.15
Total: $116.15

Payments: Mastercard 0669 (on 09/11/2023 06:20pm)

Terms & Conditions/
Reservation Agreement:
A cleaning fee may be charged for spills and stains. We are not responsible for delays caused by road conditions. We are not responsible for items left in the vehicle.

Tri Shuttle will track inbound flights for all airport arrivals. Domestic passengers have 45 minutes of free waiting time, while international passengers have 90 minutes, to meet their driver after landing. If the transfer is not an arrival the grace period will be 15 minutes. After the grace period a waiting fee will be applied based on the company’s established hourly rate.

Airport arrival pickups are in front of the terminal. Please contact your driver, when you land, and when you are ready for pickup.