Guide to Booking with Tri Shuttle

Step 1: Book Online or Contact Us?

If you are a group of 56 people or less and you need a ride to or from an airport or cruise port then you should BOOK ONLINE.

If you have more than 56 people or you’re going to a concert, wedding, or you need an hourly service, then you should call/text us at (+1.714.683.3000) or email ( Give us as much detail as possible and we will get back to you with a quote.

Step 2: Online Booking

Fill out the booking form and choose the vehicle that works best for you. Once you click “Book Now” your reservation enters our waiting queue. One of our agents will check and confirm your booking. This process could take anywhere from 5 minutes to 12 hours depending on the time of the day and our availability.

Step 3: Awaiting Confirmation

If everything on your reservation looks good, we will confirm it and you will receive an automated email letting you know that your booking is confirmed. If not, we will attempt to contact you via email, texting or calling. Once we have the required information about your trip, we will confirm your booking and you will receive an automated email confirmation.

Step 4: Re-Confirmation

We will send you a text to reconfirm the reservation the day before your scheduled pickup. If you want to cancel or make any changes to your reservation, you should let us know by this time. Once we get a reply from you for the reconfirmation, we will assign a driver for your trip. You will get a text from your driver when they are en route to your location.