Frequently Asked Questions

The amount of luggage you can bring depends on the vehicle you choose. If you’re not sure how much luggage can fit into the vehicle you can contact us for help.

For changes and cancellations please contact us.

For safety purposes we recommend that children 7 years or younger use a car seat. We have car seats for rent to use for the ride. You may bring your own car seats, but keep in mind that we do not store car seats for customers.

We track all arrival flights and have the driver show up accordingly. However, there might be times when the tracking system doesn’t work properly. We recommend that you let us know about your flight delays to avoid waiting charges.

Your driver will contact you when they are on the way to pick you up. If it’s an arrival you will receive a text from your driver when you land.

We are a door-to-door nonstop private car service. We drop off and pick up in front of the terminal.

We are always on-time. We might give you a discount or not charge you at all if your driver shows up late.

Once you have submitted a reservation, it usually takes up to 12 hours for us to review and confirm it. Once it’s confirmed you will receive an email letting you know that your booking has been updated. Click on the “View Reservation” button in the email to revisit your booking details. To request changes please call or text us.

We recommend booking a reservation at least 24 hours in advance.

Step 1: Text your driver and let them know you have landed.
Step 2: After claiming your luggage, inform your driver as you walk to the front of the terminal.
Step 3: When you are outside and ready for pickup let your driver know your closest pillar number, e.g., 6B. On average, your driver will arrive at the curb in 5-15 minutes to pick you up.

We understand that if you are an international traveler, you may not have US phone number. There are a few ways you can reach us and/or your driver:

  1. iMessage/Facetime: If you have an iPhone you can call or text us and your driver.
  2. WhatsApp/Viber/Zalo: You can use 3rd party app such as WhatsApp to reach us and your driver.
  3. Email: If nothing else works you can try to reach us through email.

Our drivers will always attempt to contact the clients when they are on the way. If it is 15 minutes before your scheduled pickup time and you still haven’t heard from the driver, then please reach out to us.

Our drivers will normally wait for you as long as you need. Just make sure that you keep in touch and keep them informed of the reason for the delay. If they are unable to contact you for a extended period of time they may think you no longer need the ride.