Steve Vellanoweth - Reservation 18212 - Booked On: 12/07/2023 02:18:17pm View Receipt

Pickup Date: 02/17/2024 - Saturday
Pickup Time: 1:30 PM
Name: Steve Vellanoweth
Phone: 714.296.7277
Passenger: 28
Vehicle Type: Sprinter x2
Driver: TBD
Reservation Status: Confirmed

Trip Routing Information:

PU: SLS Hotel, 465 La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90048

DO: The Ebell of Los Angeles, 743 South Lucerne Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90005

Flight Info: 1:30PM & 3:15PM, Return 10:30PM & 11:30PM. CHECK RESERVATION LINK!!
New total is $1950. You paid $1859.55. Remaining balance and any additional time will be billed after the trip.

Flat rate: $1,617.00
Gratuity: $242.55
Total: $1,859.55

Payments: Mastercard 0744 (on 01/10/2024 06:43pm)
Payment Note:
Payment Link:

Terms & Conditions/
Reservation Agreement:
1:30 PM: Hotel to Venue (Bridal Party)
3:15 PM: Hotel to Venue (Guests)

10:30 PM: Venue to Hotel
11:30 PM: Venue to Hotel

A cleaning fee may be charged for spills and stains.
We are not responsible for items left in the vehicle.
Additional time is $90 per hour per vehicle after 3:45pm and after 12am.