Pamela Hogg - Reservation 20346 - Booked On: 04/16/2024 09:23:23am

Pickup Date: 09/28/2024 - Saturday
Pickup Time: 8:00 AM
Name: Pamela Hogg
Phone: 705.446.5372
Passenger: 4
Luggage: 4
Vehicle Type: Minivan
Driver: TBD
Reservation Status: Confirmed

Trip Routing Information:

PU: Los Angeles Cruise Terminal Berth 93, East Swinford Street, San Pedro, CA 90731

DO: LAX airport (LAX), World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Flight Info: Air Canada Flight AC 788
Terminal 1

Flat rate: $129.00

Pay the driver at drop off.
Pay now.

Flat rate $129.00
Gratuity $19.35
Total $148.35

Terms & Conditions/
Reservation Agreement:
Wait-time charge will apply after 15 minutes of scheduled time. A cleaning fee may be charged for spills and stains. We are not responsible for delays caused by road conditions. We are not responsible for items left in the vehicle.

For airport arrival, please contact us or your driver once you land. When you are ready for pickup please call your driver and let them know which pillar number you are (e.g. B3). Pickup will be in front of the terminal.

Unless otherwise noted, airport arrival waiting charge will apply after 45 minutes after landing for domestic flights and 90 minutes for international flights. Airport waiting fee is $60 per hour for Sedans and Minivans and $90 per hour for SUVs and Sprinters.

You may prepay for your trip online or pay the driver in person with cash or card. Please contact us for changes and cancellations. We provide full refunds for cancellations made at least 24 hours before pickup time.

Different terms will apply for groups using limos, buses, or multiple vehicles.