Chris - Reservation 16878 - Booked On: 11/17/2023 11:47:36pm

Pickup Date: 09/30/2023 - Saturday
Pickup Time: 10:45 PM
Name: Chris
Phone: 403.771.4707
Passenger: 7
Vehicle Type: Sprinter 11
Driver: Lance +1.626.898.0408
Reservation Status: Confirmed

Trip Routing Information:

PU: Ohana Festival, 25300 Dana Point Harbor Drive, Dana Point, CA

DO: 118 43rd Street, Newport Beach, CA 92663

Extra charge $30 for concert pickup. To be collected by driver.

Flat rate: $200.00
Gratuity: $30.00
Total: $230.00

Payments: Mastercard 0063 (on 09/18/2023 06:13pm)

Terms & Conditions/
Reservation Agreement:
A cleaning fee may be charged for spills and stains.

We are not responsible for items left in the vehicle.

Extra charge $30 for concert pickup to be collected by driver.

A waiting charge of $60 per hour will be applied for pickup after 11:15 PM.

Service Provider